South Bay Restoration-Breach dates


Pond Breach Dates

Compiled by Heather Peterson, US Geological Survey. Updated October 2006.

PondOpening DateTypeStructureFlows To
A17/19/04inletgated culvertCharleston Sl.
AB17/19/04inletgated culvertBay
A2W7/19/04outletgated culvertBay
A3W7/19/04outletgated culvertGuadalupe Sl.
A57/26/04inletgated culvertGuadalupe Sl.
A77/26/04outletgated culvertAlviso Sl.
A93/31/05inletgated culvertAlviso Sl.
A143/31/05outletgated culvertCoyote Creek
A163/31/05inlet/outletgated culvertArtesian Sl.
A173/31/05inlet/outletgated culvertCoyote Creek
A182/17/05inlet/outletgated culvertArtesian Sl.
A193/7/06inlet/outletlevee breachCoyote Creek
A203/12/06inlet/outletlevee breachNorth Creek
A213/29/06inlet/outletlevee breachCoyote Creek
E18/11/04inletgated culvertOld Alameda Creek
E28/11/04inlet/outletgated culvertBay
E2CApril-05inlet/outletgated culvertOld Alameda Creek
E6AWinter 2005inlet/outletgated culvertOld Alameda Creek
E8Winter 2005inlet/outletgated culvertNorth Creek
E8A4/29/05inlet/outletgated culvertNorth Creek
E94/29/05inletgated culvertNew Mt. Eden Creek
E10pre 8/2004inlet/outletgated culvertBay
E10newexpected 09/2006inlet/outletgated culvertNew Mt. Eden Creek

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Due to the need for dynamic management of pond flows and pond openings, water flows through the pond complexes are not possible to adequatedly show here. For baseline information on flows in the Baumberg/Eden Landing ponds refer to the California Department of Fish and Game Operation Plans for the Baumberg Complex Pond Systems and contact John Krause, CDFG for flow management records. For baseline information on flows in the Alviso ponds refer to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2005 Self-Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds, and contact Eric Mruz, USFWS for flow management records.