Inventory of Water Monitoring Activities

The Water Quality Monitoring Inventory is an overview of metadata for chemical, physical, and biological data collected to record water quality conditions in and around South San Francisco Bay and the salt ponds. The inventory was compiled to aid in analysis of the water quality associated with the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project and to help researchers working in the South Bay find ancillary environmental information from other groups working in the region. This document provides a basis for organizing program information and is a resource for planning future studies of the restoration project. The inventory contains information on about 40 activities and was complied by Heather Peterson, USGS.

  • Table of water monitoring activities (October 2006) (PDF | XLS)
    Includes references
  • Map of sampling stations (PDF)
    Sampling locations for five key South Bay monitoring efforts by the US Geological Survey, SF Bay Bird Observatory, and City of San Jose
  • Contact information for monitoring program managers and related staff (HTML)

Related information

Other information collected during the initial compilation of the water quality activity inventory

  • Other monitoring activities of interest (PDF | XLS)
    These studies do not monitor basic water quality, but provide environmental data that are complementary to the water quality studies, or are current high-profile studies coordinated with the SBSP Project. Information on about 12 studies is provided and was complied by Heather Peterson, USGS.
  • Pond breach dates (HTML)
    A list of breach dates for ponds that have been restored to tidal flows
  • Monitoring glossary (HTML)