Requests for Proposals/Qualifications/Services

2008 RFP Awards for Phase 1 Selected Monitoring and Applied Studies

The proposals below were accepted by the SBSP project following a peer review selection process. Project start dates vary depending on the availability of funding and the Phase I restoration schedule.

Topic 1: Measuring Habitat Evolution Utilizing Satellite Imagery

Successful proposal by B. Fulfrost, Design, Community & Environment

Topic 2: Assessment of Mercury Bioavailability Utilizing Sentinel Species

Successful proposal by C. Eagles-Smith, USGS

Topic 3: Waterbird Nesting and Foraging in Managed Ponds

Successful proposal by J. Ackerman, USGS

Topic 4: Waterbird Response to Trail Use

Successful proposal by L. Trulio, SJSU

Topic 5: Pond, Slough, and Bay Water Quality Interactions

Successful proposal by J. Thompson, USGS

Topic 6: Baseline Bird Data and Data Needs Assessment

Successful proposal by M. Herzog, PRBO

Topic 7: Effects of Restoration on Fish Assemblages

Successful proposal by J. Hobbs, UC Davis

Topic 8: California Gull Displacement Study

Successful proposal by J. Ackerman, USGS

Topic 9: Open Call for Graduate Fellows

Successful proposals by N. Athearn, UCD/USGS; C. Overton, UCD/USGS; and A. Rowan, SFSU

Directed Study

Successful proposal by J. Callaway, USF