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Overall timeline

2003 State and Federal agencies and private foundations purchase 15,100 acres of commercial salt ponds in the South Bay from Cargill Inc.
The project launches a long-term public planning process with the Stakeholder Forum.
2004 Bay water is slowly introduced to the first set of former salt ponds near Moffett Federal Airfield. The controlled exchange of water begins to reverse the salt making process by reducing the salinity in the ponds.
2005 Bay water is slowly introduced to another 2,500 acres of former salt ponds.
2006 The Project releases 3 different restoration alternatives for consideration in the planning process.
The first levees are breached, reconnecting 800 acres of former salt ponds to the Bay. Thousands of shorebirds and ducks return to the newly opened ponds.
2007 The Project finalizes a 30-year Restoration Plan. The plan includes goals for habitat restoration, recreation and flood management.
The Project launches 3 public Working Groups to guide implementation at each pond complex.
2008/09 The Project begins to design and construct habitat, recreation and flood protection features at each of the pond complexes.
Project scientists continue to collect data and monitor changes at the ponds in a coordinated series of applied studies.

Progress by Pond Complex

Learn about the physical changes made and planned at each of the Project’s three pond complexes.

Recent updates below indicated with colored background.

Progress at the Eden Landing Ponds

Enhance 240 acres of shallow ponds with 50 nesting islands for migrating shorebirds. (Pond A16 & A17)
Activity Start
Current status  
Restore 630 acres of tidal habitat for endangered species.Ponds E8A/E9/E8X Summer/Fall 2010 COMPLETED
Reconfigure 230 acres of pond habitat for a variety of species including ducks and snowy plovers. (Ponds E12/E13) January 2013 COMPLETED
Build 3.8 miles of new trail including a seasonal loop trail. 2013 COMPLETED  
Build an interpretive site with raised walkways and viewing platforms overlooking the remnants of the historic salt works. 2013 COMPLETED
Create a new kayak launch on Mt. Eden Creek. 2013 COMPLETED  

Progress at the Alviso Ponds

Activity Start
Current status  
Create approximately 330 acres of tidal salt marsh & tidal channel habitat that will evolve over time (Pond A6) Fall 2010 COMPLETED.
Enhance 240 acres of shallow ponds with 50 nesting islands for migrating shorebirds. (Pond A16 & A17) 2012 COMPLETED.
Connect 1400 acres of ponds to the Bay, creating new marsh and shallow water habitats for pelicans, cormorants and ducks. (Ponds A8/A7/A5) Fall 2009 COMPLETED. Three Pond A8 tide gates have been opened since June 2012.
Open 2.2 miles of new Bay Trail between Mountain View’s Stevens Creek and Sunnyvale. 2010 COMPLETED.

Progress at the Ravenswood Ponds

Activity Start
Current status  
Enhance 240 acres to create a 155-acre pond with 30 nesting islands for nesting and resting shorebirds, and 85 acres of habitat for snowy plovers. (Pond SF-2) March 2009 COMPLETED
Construct 0.7 miles of trail and build 2 new viewing platforms near the Dumbarton Bridge. 2010 COMPLETED  
Create an interpretive display in Bedwell Bayfront Park near pond habitat and historic salt marsh areas. Winter 2009 COMPLETED  

Before and After Gallery

View changes due to restoration activities in the Before and After Gallery.